Thank you for visiting the Pathway Biotechnology website. Pathway Biotechnology is a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Wisconsin. I chose that name because each of us, as well as each new technology, has a pathway. I began my career as a university professor, then moved onto positions in big pharma, biotech startups, investment, contract research, and technology transfer. Each role provided me with unique skills and insight and collectively formed my personal pathway. Each member of our team also has a personal pathway, and I encourage you to review our Who We Are page. New technologies begin with ideation and hopefully end with commercialized products, and identifying and understanding each component of these pathways is critical to achieve success. Every new technology has the potential to change lives, and we would welcome the opportunity to be your trusted partner on your pathway. At Pathway Biotechnology, your project is our passion!

Edward E. Diehl, Ph.D.
President, Pathway Biotechnology LLC